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Like many others I'm here to voice how upset I am that Charmin Basic has been discontinued. I'd tried several other brands and Basic was the only thing I'd buy.

I even had an order in back in January that just never arrived from Amazon. There's really no Charmin Basic left anywhere in the world? They burned it all? I'm confused why I can't still order it.

The Charmin 'Basic Strong' they seem to have replaced it with is rough as all heck. I'm upset at having to find a new brand of toilet paper.

Hoping I can find some still sitting on a shelf somewhere. Please bring back Charmin Basic.

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I'm sad as well. Weary about trying the new essentials. At least I bought 2 years worth 2 black Fridays ago :)


No body at charmin is listening , don't waste your time, start looking for a new brand. The bottom line here is saving money.

basic TP was to expensive to make, and some *** from charmin found a way to save them money.

They dont care about losing customers. You see product and demand dictates everything, people will aways need TP, What they save in product cost, far out weights the lost in customers.


"I'm confused why I can't still order it."

Well, I know it's complicated, but they stopped making it. When there is to product available, it's hard to order said product. What in the world is confusing about that?

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