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I have been using Charmin for many, many, years. My recent purchase of Charmin from Costco, which is where I usually buy it, was very disappointing.

To my surprise the sheets on the new rolls were a different size. Very disappointing and looked ridiculous on the tissue dispensers in my bathrooms. Of course, the price did not reflect the shortage of product. Why on earth did Charmin do such a thing.

I will change my toilet tissue to another brand that has full size sheets! I really feel your company had duped the unsuspecting public. This is a product people by all the time and should not have to read the fine print each time they purchase.

I am curious who thought of this disastrous idea. Thanks for reading.

Review about: Charmin Toilet Paper.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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I agree with you that Charmin is cheating customers with its new smaller size and poor quality. I've been buying Charmin for the last 20 years because my husband insisted on it.

Now I can show him the change in it and we can start buying the Kirkland brand at Costco. Hurrah for bad marketing decisions, at least this one will save me some money when we go back to discounted brands (you can't tell the difference now).

Columbus, Ohio, United States #789475

Are you for real?? If you are, you're spending too much time closely inspecting toilet paper and not enough time looking at everything else.

Have you purchased ANY health/beauty or food item in the past 6 or 7 years (other than your recent charmin purchase)?! You're in Hawaii too. Your milk probably went from $10/gal to $15/gal within that time period. It's called a "bad economy".

I'll tell you what, you and me switch houses. We use quilted northern which is waaaaaay better than charmin. I'll supply you with a lifetime's worth but you have to live in ohio and I get to live in Hawaii.

Good deal? ,)

If toilet paper is your biggest concern, then your life is awesome.


The reduced the size of the sheets for cost cutting purposes. It was either that or raise the price and I'm sure you would have whined about that too.

How do you know the other companies haven't done the same thing.

Who in heck pays any attention to how the toilet tissue looks on the dispensers. There must be more important things to worry about.

to anonymous Fair Oaks, California, United States #818323

the more important thing is that Charmin is providing a product that is narrower, and less quality than before thus getting poo on our hands!

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