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"I want to lodge a complaint to Charmin but don't know who to contact.They are making their spools shorter thinking no one will notice.

I noticed. My tp holder is not a dowel nor a spool, it was designed to hold the core, which no longer reaches across! — feeling annoyed".

This was on my daughter's Facebook this morning.

We both have been faithful customers to Charmin so that covers many years of satisfaction and devotion to your product.But when her complaint showed up on Facebook I knew there was deep trouble for you from both of us.

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Thank you Lisa but I see this complaint is not going anywhere and you are stuck with skimpy rolls of toilet paper that you cannot attach to your dispenser. Very annoying and very deceitful on behalf of Charmin. I am very disappointed in them.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #736506

My mother posted this complaint for me.I had no idea that there was a complaint site!

I clicked the BS button to see who would think this is BS and it added another believer that this complaint is BS. Haha. It is not! I ONLY buy Charmin.

No one can make me buy another brand.

Now they shortened their core on their DOUBLE ROLL which is the only kind I buy.It is not BS!


I agree that the shorter rolls are not a good idea!I kept noticing i was getting *** on my hand.

Thinking what in the world is going on, I then noticed the roll was shorter than what I still had stored in a less used bathroom. You are charging more for less paper.

I do not like this at all!!!:cry

to andygump #736466

You tell 'em andygump.I will find the right place to post this complaint yet and will send them back to review pissedconsumer.

Thank you for telling it like it is.It is awful to be cheated but worse yet is to try and pull the wool over our eyes.


to andygump Fair Oaks, California, United States #818341

For the past two decades, I have purchase Charmin Ultra Soft 36 roll packs from Sam's Club, dropping 120-150 bucks every 9-12 months.I recently noticed I was running low, so I went to Sam's to buy my yearly (approx.) supply of favorite TP.

When I opened the first pack and placed it on the holder, I thought I was seeing things. The roll looked smaller. Maybe I was seeing things. The first time I used the TP is when I realized something bad had happened.

The squares are now smaller. So much smaller, I ended up with poo on my hand! After washing and sanitizing my hands, I grabbed the old empty package and the new package. To my horror, I read that the new rolls have less square footage of paper on them as well as being 3/8 on an inch narrower.

I did the math and found Charmin rolls now have 13% less paper on each and every roll. I checked my receipt, and found the price was not lower.

Wow, I suppose given the hard times of our current economy, this is one way for Proctor & Gamble to give themselves a 13% raise on our dime.I for one will now read every label to see what is made by P&G, and NOT buy anything they make.


As long as the core isn't longer that your holder there shouldn't be any problem. wha tin heck difference does it make if the roll is a little bit shorter, than they used to be. Myself, I'm more conscerned about the downsizing of the amount of food in the containers.

to anonymous Mobile, Alabama, United States #736511

Anonymous, the complaint explains that my tp holder is designed to hold the core of the tp roll.You would have to see it to understand.

The core has to be long enough to reach from one end to the other of the core holder.I don't have a spool so I KNOW that Charmin has shortened the length of a normal "double size roll." Yet, they still charge 10 bucks for the same 12 roll package.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #735995

Oh thats so sweet now you have the entire family blogging about toilet paper....gosh....who would have known this was such a crisis.....think you should call your congressman...cause this is just not solve these important world issues before tackling the big stuff....go gettem tiger.....

to LTCC Mobile, Alabama, United States #736509

Cute LTCC.When you are brand loyal to someone for 20+ years and you are then old enough to realize that the manufacturer has changed/shortened the product you will understand that you are paying the same amount for less money.

No one here is trying to save the world.

to Lisa Mobile, Alabama, United States #736513

OOps, I meant paying the same amount for less product. But that should be an obvious typo.

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