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I needed Charmin ultra soft last night and the mega rolls are smaller than before. I compared the new rolls to what I still had in the cabinet at home and they've shrunk nearly 1/2 inch.

Not sure if they are wound tighter or if there is less product. I don't have the old packaging to compare the square feet of each.

The price sure isn't shrinking! I may have to check other brands but Charmin has always worked the best for me and my "bottom health issues." We use Sam's Club Member's Mark toilet paper at work which is pretty good but falls apart when wet while Charmin does not.

Review about: Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper.

Reason of review: size of product has shrunk.

Preferred solution: maintain product size as in the past. .

I liked: Mega roll when it was larger.

I didn't like: Smaller rolls for the inflated price.

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Weigh Charmin MEGA ROLL on a scale, then regular Scott 1000 bath tissue, and Scott is 2 full ounces heavier! MEGA my outrage.


Not only has the square size gotten smaller but also far fewer. Over the past 10 years from 408, 383, 356, 328, 308 and a month ago down to 283 squares per mega roll.


I just noticed as well when I put a new roll on spindle. I get so sick of the scams.

to SusanInSFL #1479094

I am starting to look for alternatives. Must NOT be connected to Koch at all, and must be a product that doesn't 'shed'.

Charmin has started doing that as well. I've used only Charmin for 43 years and I'm tired of their scams.


Used Charmin for YEARS! Now with the mini size of squares, I’m changing to a different brand.


I noticed that the roll is narrower


I think this is the case with Northern as well--the "new look" touted in the package also seems to b a "new size" as well--i.e. smaller. It seems like the one mega roll isn't lasting as long, and if that's the case--I'm pissed too.


Have definitely noticed that the size of Charming mega rolls has gotten much smaller. They are not wrapped as tight as they used to be.

Seems like I’m changing rolls constantly once again, yet the price keeps going up. You are going to lose your loyal customers if you refuse to sell us the product we want!


I just said to my husband the dolls are shrinking!


I agree! I found this because I was suspecting the same. Shame!


I just called Charmin this morning (march 12, 2018) about the same observation. I have a horizontal rack in my bathroom where before I could only put in 2 of the Mega rolls in it side by side, but now 3 will fit comfortable.

When I asked them about falsely advertising them as mega rolls and that one of these mega rolls = 4 of their standard rolls, I said their standard rolls must be VERY skinny to make that claim.

Their answer to me was that in June/July 2017 they have changed their rolling process whereby they are now packaging their rolls TIGHTER to save room, and the length and size of the perforated sheets have not changed. I said I didn't believe them and would be keeping an eye on their claims by saving all the packaging materials from each package I buy to compare them to future packages.Type your message here


I forgot to add that I have always used Mega Plus Rolls.


Yes they have. Years ago they used to include an 'extender' or adapter knowing it is too big to fit on regular bathroom rollers but now I don't even need to use that anymore.

It has gotten very much smaller in size, except for the $$$. Same goes for the Bounty Mega Kitchen Rolls which I still have the old plastic packaging to compare sq-ft measurements.


I’ve always used Charmin Mega rolls and noticed around Christmas the rolls appeared smaller. Thought I’d bought the wrong kind, checked and it was labeled Mega, same package.

This is so deceitful.

I live alone and a true Mega roll lasted at least a week. Contacting the company, we all should.


I do not like that Charmin is not selling what it claims to be selling. The size definitely decreased, yet they still say it is the same size!

I do not like being lied to by a brand I trusted! I will be looking to change my brand to one that does not lie to me.


Yep, they're also shorter, giving the company an effective 25% price increase per roll.

Corporate thugs....nothing less.


Me too ...I've always loved Charmin' mega. The only t.p.

Paper I would buy. And only Mega rolls. But they are definitely smaller. Confirmation : They don't last very long in my house of two .

Only one being a female :). They are probably still 4 X' s the regular. Size though so still truth in advertising. Wonder how many squares they cut off per roll.

..:(. Remember when you had to have a special extender roller? Well.

Not so anymore. Soooo disappointed.


Hoping some other manufacturer comes up with a suitable replacement of equal value to what Charmin ultra soft mega rolls used to provide.


Not only has the Charmin ultra soft roll size shrunk, but the softness has changed and is more along the softness of Charmin ultra strong.


Not only have the mega rolls shrunk in literal sheet size, the rolls now have fewer "sheets". A Mega Roll used to touch the wall when first mounted. No longer.

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