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Over the years, I have noticed that Charmin Ultra Strong (mega roll) has gotten shorter; remember when a roll of TP would cover the entire toilet paper holder? And while I can't prove it, I am pretty sure they are putting less sheets on the roll.

I was willing to live with these changes because I still liked how the CUS performed. I don't anymore. This toilet paper used to actually be strong and not shred when used. However, the last pack I bought is horrible.

It shreds like a brand that costs half as much. So, FU Charmin, I will be switching to a different brand.

Review about: Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You have stumbled onto a now common practice with not only paper products but many other consumer products----lessening the number of sheets in paper towel packages; decreasing ounces in cereal boxes and many, many others items on the grocery shelves. This shortage enables the manufacturer to raise the price of the product and most people really don't notice or care that they are now paying more.

This practice is in addition to something else you have noticed: an actual cheapening of the product itself in the form of it being less strong, potent, etc. Best to compare products more closely.

to h.kitchener #1372318

Boy, sad to say I agree with you both. I have been fighting bladder cancer and believe me great paper is needed.

I use to love my Charmin mega rolls, even though they became pretty narrow. They were soft. I am talking about the ones with the single flower on them.

You can not find them anymore. It has changed so that I am now leaving to find another soft kind TT.

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