Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Reviews

I have really liked Charmin Ultra for years. The Mega sized rolls are more convenient. It is strong and thus dependable. But, it is not longer soft! It now feels more like something you'd find in an old outhouse w.r.t. softness. It is unbelievable that this formerly high quality product would be downgraded so much. WHY would a company do this? They must not use their own product as no one would pay top dollar for such poor quality. I will be...
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Did I buy the wrong style????? I don't have 100 words to say except that I am not happy with the style that is single ply. Feels like all the other rough paper. Help. Help.Help. Thought I was getting a special sale but instead got an inferior product. I would rather spend more money and get the double ply. Not soft, not soft, not soft enough, not soft enough, cheap, cheap, at any cost. Help. Help. Help. What is the name of the product I should buy to get the double ply extra soft charmin...
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I liked
  • Old charmin ultra
I didn't like
  • Few sheets
  • Shorter rolls