I spoke to a customer service representative today about the shrinking toilet paper roll issue. Here's what I was told: The roll width has been reduced for two reasons .

The first is because they added extra fibers in the center. (No idea if that's true ..?) The second is that they did research that indicates that a narrower sheet will flush easier, and reduce clogged pipes. (This one, I will put to the test by placing this new, narrower roll in the one bathroom where my son consistently uses too much, and clogs the toilet! If the number of clogging incidents reduces, MAYBE I'll believe it)

Here's the real useful information ...

Charmin has a contract to continue to provide the old, wider sheets in the Ultra Soft Jumbo roll variety only to Costco.

If you want your old, familiar sheet size ... get it there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Charmin Toilet Paper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Shorter rolls.

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Dislike the narrow sheets but thicker rolls. They do not fit in round storage. Quality poorer.


*** Charmin did it for Profit alone. Buy someother brand and screw them


They took the swipe out of my wipe! No costco near to me :-( and $60 to join on a fixed income!


I think charmin is just cheating consumers with smaller width rolls and still charging the same price. It’s obvious its all about profit instead of being concerned that our toilets might clog easier!


Charmin has joined the other toilet paper manufacturers in only distributing the narrower paper rolls without lowering the price. My toilet paper roller only takes the wider roll.

People can use less toilet paper if clogging is a real issue. Thanks


Costsco has succumbed to the narrower size, too. We don’t like.

If it’s a flush issue, use less.

We have both types of toilets, not a problem in either. Give us the nice wide rolls, the new ones look skimpy and are not the same.


I call BS on the narrowed paper and role size. It is really not the issue !

It is all about the EPA water usage and the so called eco-friendly toilets I upgraded all my toilets to the new standard low flow and guess what they work like a 2 year old kid,not good. I must flush 2 or even 3 times so I put one of the old ones back in my personal retreat and it works great every time just a little more water sound but it was so worth it .1 flush and gone.

listen up people sometimes the old way or old design is better than the new .You know I speak the truth . $ 4.5 X 4.5 $$$$ bring it back


I noticed the size difference right away and thought, "Why am I paying the same price for less?" Just another corporate decision to rip off the consumer and increase their profits! The worst part is there is no oversight so any company can do that at any time without any consequences and we still have to pay the same amount for less!

to Rod Jay #1540968

YES! Irksome, isn't it? I think if consumers band together to find alternative products to those offered by PROCTOR & GAMBLE I'm guessing they would have a "rebirth" of the original size Charmin Ultra Soft, as well as be hesitant to attempt "shorting" the American consumer in the future.


I found out Costo has wider sheets still, while no one else does.


Bought my last roll of Charmin!! Cheap bastards!

Hope CEO enjoys his raise.

Their quality even in old size has been getting worse, but I was a loyal customer and stayed with them. No more.


At first I thought it was my misconception or that I purchased the wrong size. It became glaringly obvious on my 2nd purchase.

You see, I always stack my rolls in my beautiful basket and it was tight to squeeze 3 rolls against each other and I would always buy 9 rolls, but could only fit 8 in the basket.

Now, all 9 rolls fit easily into my basket with plenty of room left. This is a rip-off!!!

to Diane #1540971

Yes! A Money-Grubbing major corporation move by PROCTOR & GAMBLE.

BOO!!! Well, I buy as much TP as the average consumer, maybe more for my big family.

I'm sure I could find another brand NOT produced by P&G to express my consumer loyalty. Sounds like a great plan to me!


I used to be a charmin customer.....now with their profit gauging, I go elsewhere...Ron


It is all about the bottom line. It is deceptive packaging and reasoning.


So, I just had my ah-ha moment this month that Charmins TP rolls are smaller (ok, late to the party, I know). And I agree 100% this is about money.

P&G, how about making the product your customers want? If it costs more to make how about letting us decide if we will pay more?

I know I would. For now, I'm moving over to the Costco Kirkland brand, soft, good product, and full sized!

Westlake, Ohio, United States #1351432

The idea that Charmin has reduced the size of the paper in part...to reduce sewer line blockages is laughable at best.

It's simply about money. Charmin has market saturation, so to make more money, Charmin has to either charge more for the product, or charge the same for less material, or a combination of the two.

It's really that simple.

The only way Charmin will stop this...is if consumers revolt to a competitive product. I encourage everyone to please do this.

Springtown, Texas, United States #1331025

That sucks for those of us that aren't Costco shoppers.

Santa Ana, California, United States #1247080

Costco has followed suit, I guess their contract for larger rolls ran out. The Charming I purchased fromCostco, has the narrow sheets. Not happy P&G


I thought Costco was the only retailer to sell the wider rolls. Thanks for confirming. Our 1957 house only has the old wide roll holders

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