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  • Customers like
    • Old charmin ultra 8
    • Mega roll when it was larger 3
    • Product like it was 3
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    • Shorter rolls 6
    • Charmin toilet tissue 3
    • New narrow rolls 3
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Once again the American public is being short changed by a major manufacturer. First the core roll grew, price stayed the same, then the width shrunk by a whole half inch, price stayed the same. I think it's time to do some research for a honest supplier. And STILL they want "100 Words" You mean the average literate American can not get their point across in fewer words? Or does it take a "100 words" to get you to understand the problem? OK,... Read more

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  • Jul 05
  • #877488

Have always bought charming, recently got 12 roll pck at Fred's on sale for 4.75. Wouldn't give 50c for entire pck, was single ply( what a ripoff)!! Went back today got 9 roll pck Fred's . Have to use the charming to lite grill.never been so disappointed!

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I purchased a large package of Charmin Ultra Soft at Costco and can't wait for it to be gone. Getting the roll started takes several minutes and waste. The glue goes through more than one layer and trying to pull the extra little free tissue to start is a waste of time it just tears off and I have to pull the layers apart and run my finger under the layers to start. I have used Charmin for years but this product is terrible and I will not... Read more

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I have been a Charmin consumer for a long time and have even convinced my friends and family to change to Charmin but now since you all have changed the formula and the rolls of gotten so much smaller I've decided to try something else and once I find something that works I most definitely will give that information to my friends and family so they can change as well you guys are going to lose so many customers behind what you're not giving us... Read more

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Not only did you make the rolls smaller, and now smaller, you changed the paper. It was once a soft two ply, not barely two ply and rough. Why???????? I used to use it as tissues also, now too rough for my face or blowing my nose. It also seems as there is less paper now on the rolls as well. It used to be so large that I had to take the paper off before I put it in the roller, but now there is substantially less paper. You think the public... Read more

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So Charmin made their rolls narrower and supposedly longer. I have used this product for many, many years but am looking for a replacement because it doesn't fit my traditional bathroom toilet paper holder until I have used a new roll for about 3 days!! Who thought it needed to be longer and shorter in width? I doubt if anyone did a market study among women because all the women I know are also frustrated with this product. I have looked... Read more

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  • Jun 04
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They are making them mega now but they also made them narrower. What's up with that. I looked at a new pack of charmin and all of a sudden I lost 1/4 in. You guys think that people won't notice that you're taking our money and just giving us less and less. I'm changing companies. NO MORE CHARMIN

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I work at an exclusive Bed and Breakfast establishment in Placerville Ca. We have won the highest awards in El Dorado county. People come from all over the US. to stay with us. We host weddings and other community events. We recently bought your Charmin toilet paper for a expensive charge of $13.95 for 12 rolls-equals24..The rolls were flimsy. tattered on both sides throughout the rolls. We were too embarrassed to put them in our suites at our... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 06
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Not as strong as it used to be. Too narrow. I would pay more for a better product (like the old Charmin Ultra). I am currently looking for a new toilet paper similar to the old Charmin!

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Not just Charmin, but most companies keep shrinking their product thinking you won't know what they are doing. And then raise the price. THIS HAS TO STOP. It's deceptive, unethical, greed. Everyone needs to complain everywhere they can possibly complain. Write your congressmen, write the FTC, write the companies. Let them know we are sick of it. A "regular" roll of toilet paper will not even last 3 or 4 sittings any more. A can of vegetables is... Read more

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